Saturday, 9 February 2013

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In the introduction, Snyder said he? s lives with the idea of? Sucker Punch? for?? nearly a decade.? The idea of ??a group of girls in trouble that slip into a fantasy world to escape the intense pain of their real life is something that intrigues him. ?? What begins as a refuge fear becomes an accountability mechanism face? he wrote. (The word ‘Empowering?? Does the closest thing the book has to broach the subject of feminism. Apparently feminism isn ™ t be sufficiently acidic or cold Snyder. Subtext And isn ™ t be a problem.)
As the book moves along and we get the purely conceptual (it? Its full-page proposed logos), you grudgingly acknowledge that the world that Snyder has developed is indeed impressive. But it could just be that the combination of the actresses he cast (including Emily Browning as Babydoll role) seem predestined to exist in the kind of exacerbated everything including the kitchen sink world that Snyder has created. (Note to Zack:????????? If you really wanted this world is empowering, you wouldn t have all the girls saddled with names Babydoll cleaner and more it s Sweet Pea, Blondie and Amber. Where? Amethyst Crystal s or when needed?)
This gives an overview of the major set pieces, which are all included in the trailers. When we got the book, we are afraid that reading could elaborate plot but apparently there is no specific plot and virtually everything has been given to the myriad of trailers and TV spots for film. ?? The slogan they have been trot out:? Will you unprepared.? More? You’ve seen all the time you get in the theater.
Snyder seems to be running through? Fresh shit? fantasy movie list? there are robots, dragons, Nazi-ish creatures, even the Orcs (yes, Orcs, like? ‘Lord of the Rings?). And all the work he has put into these creations is pretty amazing (itís a failure page full of what the symbols mean on a girl?? S samurai swords), it also seems almost completely empty. It? S focus very little on that one of these weird things mean, exactly, in addition to what would look cool at the time. Maybe one? Art Of? book isn? t the forum to talk about nightmares or Jungian nature of dreams as it relates to the burgeoning sexuality of teenagers, but at least some vague allusions sub-text would be nice. Instead, we get a beautiful page designs for Orcs and images really unimpressive real things on the shelf.
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