Saturday, 11 May 2013

Believe in yourself to succeed in LIFE

Want to be very successful and achieving higher goals in your life, follow these simple tips, which will help you to mold your life.

 The most important factor that many people not giving much importance or lack is a healthy self esteem. But actually this is the main factor that can make a difference between those who survive and those who thrive. Here, the question arises, is SELF BELIEF is part of your Genetic code, or is it possible for you to develop and improve it?. Find out yourself , by some simple techniques or factors that work for you. 

  1. Believe in a GOAL : Always you have to believe that you have a definite purpose or goal in your life on this globe. After facing many difficulties, problems in life, definitely everyone has had their fare share of success, and therefore, have confidence that you will achieve more. Try to develop positive mentality, attitude, use your talent and skills at appropriate time then you will achieve a lot more.

  2.Failure is Temporary : While you focus or concentrate your attention on your higher goals in new directions, sometimes without your knowledge or unexpectedly you may land up in few wrong steps. Don’t be panic, instead with much courage not to hesitate to take bold actions or decisions at that time. This helps a lot ,not only to overcome your difficulties but regain your strength much earlier. The experience or lesson you learnt from it, is always remains in your memory and guide you, not to repeat the same mistakes again.

  3. Acknowledge and Reward : some times even though much of your expectations, you may not get appreciation or acknowledged for all your efforts yo have done or about to do. Actually here you should develop positive mentality and must realise that the most important appreciation you can receive is not from anybody else but from yourself. How often do you acknowledge your own work and efforts? when was the last time you gave yourself a treat for going beyond your old class? . Hence remember always that, feeling good about yourself, keeps you in a healthy atmosphere and gives enough strength to face any situation or circumstance.

  4. Acknowledge the goodness in others : Can you ever imagined, why do people water down a compliment paid to them? isn’t a compliment is a gift to be whole heartily accepted with folded hands? what is right for those very hands to form a simple “Namaste” to acknowledge the goodness of the giver. Always try to share your success with your friends, well wishers, admires, family without appearing to blow your own trumpet. One day, After your achievement people will realise your performance and from the very people itself, oh! you will get much appreciation. Finally, you try to OWE IT to yourself first to be better each day. you want more success, and success quite often, you have to do things regularly and focus your attention always at a higher level. Remember, YESTERDAY’S SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENTS ARE TODAY’S AVERAGE. You have to travel much more, your own milestones to cross beyond who you were. Acknowledge the goodness in yourself and others, while you create a new version of you. Always bear in mind that, You are programmed to succeed, progress and Evolve. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged attitude, feeling good about yourself, healthy self esteem, higher goals, higher level, positive mentality, SELF BELIEF. Bookmark the permalink. 

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