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Long hours working at computers and its effects on our Eyesight

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Even In modern days of advancement, it is unfortunate that our technology is merely depends on computer rather than intelligent human resources. As a result of it, more and more jobs require the use of computers. With the information age being available on the computer, more and more people are spending endless hours in front of the screen. After a long day in front of the computer, it is common to start feeling tired, irritable, or pain in the eyes or head. Continuous working on computers, staring the screen without sufficient times of blinking of eyes, can cause severe eye problems and permanent damage to eyes at earliest.
          It is quite obvious that, everybody including individuals and all Government, private, public sector, hospitals, educational institutions etc depends entirely on computers for their needs. We all need them and are use to them being a part of our daily lives. However, at the same time, it is important to taking care of our bodies and takes in between breaks and relaxes as far as possible.
Listen to your body; your body knows better than you do when it’s time for a break. Do not work until your eyes burn; you missed all the previous signs. Take short breaks every hour of work. This means get at least once every hour and walk around. However, taking breaks isn’t enough. Look away from the screen every 15-20 minutes for a minute or two. Look at things close and far away to allow the eyes to adjust and move around. The goal is to avoid the strain in the first place.
Blinking of eyes:  The very purpose of blinking eyes is not only helps in giving some relaxation to eyes and also gives enough lubrication to the eyes. Take a few minutes to roll the eyeballs around; you can do this with your eyes open or closed to avoid looking silly. Open and close your eyes often to give them a short break. Yawn if you have too. Yawning stretches out the jaw muscles and keeps them from becoming tense causing headaches and eyes strain. Rub your palms each other and place them gently on eyes, not giving pressure on the eye balls for few minutes, gives enough relax for eyes.
Moving around:   In order to restrain your eyes from continuous stress and strain while working on computer screen, Move around as much as possible. You should always be in a comfortable position so adjust your body or chair as often as needed. Move the keyboard or monitor so you aren’t stretching your neck or looking at things at a strange angle. Try to avoid glare on the monitor, move it around as the sun moves or get a screen protector.
Light and ventilation: Your working area also requires enough light and ventilation. Always, keep the work area bright and well lit. Bright lights lighten up the mood and keep you feeling positive. Dim lights only bring down your mood and cause you to feel sluggish. Making minor changes in the work space and taking breaks often can keep long hours in front of the computer from permanently damaging the eyes.
Washing eyes: For better washing, cleaning results, use eye cups holding in two hands with full of water, open eyes widely inside the cups and blink your eyes 10-15 times. Wipe out eyes with thin hand towel or your kerchief, not giving pressure on eye balls. This process gives immediate relief from red eyes, burning eyes and stress.

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