Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sub-Affiliate Program

While the concept is pretty straightforward, I think explaining how the IMC Sub-Affiliate Program works is best done with an example... Let's say that you decide to recommend the IMC Affiliate Program to a few of your customers and subscribers because you've been really pleased with the commissions you've been earning as an IMC affiliate, and you think they could really benefit from this kind of easy income as well. You send your customers an e-mail, recommending the program, and at the end tell them that they can sign up right now by clicking on the link:
For the sake of this example, let's say that you e-mailed this offer to your newsletter subscribers and 100 people signed up as your sub-affiliates by clicking on this link and joining. (Notice that your unique affiliate identification number appears in this link, so all sign-ups that you refer are automatically recorded by our special software as your "sub-affiliates.") Okay! So 100 people signed up as your sub-affiliates. Good job. So now what do you do? Nothing! Because we take care of the rest... We e-mail all of your sub-affiliates, just like we e-mailed you when you were a new affiliate, and we show them how to promote IMC affiliate products to earn the same great commissions you've been earning. Now your 100 affiliates are pretty excited because you did a really good job of telling them about the benefits of belong to this program, so many of them follow our promotion instructions right away. And within a few days, many of your sub-affiliates start making sales!

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