Friday, 10 May 2013

some useful Tips to reduce BP

What is high blood pressure? If your level is consistently at or above 140 mmHg/90mmHg (referred to as 140 over 90). The 140 figure is the systolic pressure — the pressure reached when the heart forces the blood around the body, and 90 is the diastolic pressure – the lowest pressure that occurs between heartbeats when the heart relaxes. Heart specialist Dr.Ramanrao says, "As many as Five to Six million people are walking around, undiagnosed, with High BP. So, the right way is to know whether you have High BP or not is to have it measured. Hence we highly recommend that those who have crossed the age of 40 years must get their BP regularly checking up.” Eating fast foods which contain excess salts, continuous working on Desk jobs and lack of exercise has contributed to increase in Blood pressure. Here are ways and means to tackle it. Scientists, research exporters says that in our modern day lifestyle, we ourselves have to be blamed for our own unhealthy lifestyles, Desk jobs, lack of exercise and eating salty fast foods have contributed to increase in BP, even among the young. Nearly 70% of adults are at a greater risk of heart attack due to their increased BP. But if we adopt some simple measures,one can easily overcome the problem. 1. Taking a Glass ful of Beetroot Juice daily : As we all know that, Beetroot contains High level nitrates, eating the same and other vegetables like cabbage, spinach and making a juice out of it is highly beneficial to reduce BP, say the experts. Recent study shows that consuming 250ml of the juice reduces 7% of BP level, in those with High BP.

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